群體動物活動力監測系統 Mouse Matrix

廠牌名稱: Unified Information Device
Mouse Matrix 群體動物活動力監測系統專為測量群體動物的活動力而設計,可用於追蹤籠內任意或所有動物的活動情形,有了這套系統,您可以很輕易的取得籠內每一隻動物24小時不間斷的活動數據,例如群聚、追逐、進食等等。此系統需搭配UID身份辨識晶片使用。


UID Mouse Matrix

Create Your Own Smart Cage for Temperature and Activity Monitoring

For a full understanding of mouse phenotypes, it is important to monitor animal behavior over long periods of time and without any external stimuli. In addition to tracking animal movement and position, body temperature is another critical data point that can be very useful to evaluate. Animal behavior research requires continuous and undisturbed monitoring of the animals in their home cage environment. This is often achieved with video monitoring and general observation. Video monitoring is ideal since it allows researchers to leave the room and observe the animals remotely. However, video monitoring is a very time intensive and costly procedure to implement since it requires the  allocation of research personnel fully dedicated to this task. Furthermore, it is difficult to monitor the animals when they are most active at night, or in a group housed setting.

The UID Mouse Matrix was developed to address the challenges researchers face when evaluating behavior in mice. The UID Mouse Matrix is an RFID system that allows real time monitoring and recording of location, movement and temperature for one or more animals in a home cage setting. The activity and vital data generated by the system provide detailed insights into the behaviors and health of each animal. Does the mouse huddles with the group? Does the animal spend more time under the feeder? Is the body temperature increasing or decreasing? These are examples of the questions that can be easily answered with the UID Mouse Matrix system. These evaluations are performed remotely in real time, even at night in the dark, without disturbing the animals and without the presence of laboratory personnel.

Simply implant the UID Temperature or standard ID microchip in the animals and place them back in their cage. Then place the cage on the reader plate for 24/7 continuous and undisturbed tracking of location, movement and temperature. The UID Mouse Matrix system can also be combined with video monitoring without interference. You can mount the UID Mouse Matrix reader plate to virtually any cage to create your own Smart Cage for continuous monitoring of animal activity.  We are also currently working with several animal caging companies for the development of Rodent Smart Cages that are fully integrated with RFID tracking technology from UID.


  • Evaluation of animal behavior
  • Toxicology studies
  • Infectious diseases
  • Humane endpoints
  • Thermoregulation studies
  • Sleep studies
  • Social interaction and behavior
  • Hyper/hypo activity
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Surgical recovery


UID Mouse Matrix Components:

  • Reader Housing – IP67 Rated
  • RFID reader plate designed for use with mouse disposable caging
  • Software for data recording and exporting to Excel
  • Available with 6 or 8 integrated antennas – 11.75” x 7.375” x 4” (Box 7.75” x 4.75” x 3”)


Designed to work with the UID RFID Microchip (UC-2112), or the UID RFID Temperature Microchip (UCT-2112)