Calcium and Contractility System - 肌肉細胞收縮與鈣離子量測系統

廠牌名稱: IonOptix
• 即時記錄肌肉細胞收縮與鈣離子的轉鑰系統
• 可與目前已知所有廠牌顯微鏡或影像系統結合
• 可同時偵測螢光強度與螢光影像
• 可得到細胞長度與肌節間距等數據
• 超高採樣頻率:以1000Hz的採樣頻率同時收集4個頻道12位元的類比數據
• 可直接經由軟體調整類比訊號放大倍率及初始值( gain & offset)
• 可分析視野內任何區域影像,並可以由不同使用者自行定義不同擷取範圍
• 所有參數皆可以獨立控制,包含sampling rate、averaging for image、zone、analog data within each sampling epoch
• 事件標記可以透過外部TTL訊號、鍵盤或滑鼠


IonOptix is proud to offer fast real-time, turnkey systems for recording myocyte calcium and contractility.  We are unique in offering simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence photometry with digital cell geometry measurements.  All individual components are designed and engineered to work as part of a complete and integrated workstation. This approach enables precise, synchronous data acquisition.  The systems are fully integrated and installed on-site, so that the researcher can be up to speed within days of delivery. More than a general fluorescence system, our systems enable investigators to acquire cell length and sarcomere spacing with their calcium data.

Systems are offered with either of our two excitation light sources: the HyperSwitch or the µStep. Single, dual excitation and dual emission photometry is offered to cover all possible fluorescence probes with acquisition rates up to 1000Hz. Photometry acquisition rates are dependent on the light source and probe.  Our MyoCam-S provides up to 1000Hz cell dimension measurements, including simultaneous cell and sarcomere length recording. Our Fluorescence System Interface also permits the simultaneous acquisition of up to 4 channels of 12-bit analog data at a default rate of 1000Hz.

We can interface our system with an existing microscope or supply the microscope as part of the system. To provide a complete system for physiological measurements we also supply a number of peripheral items including digital field stimulators, chambers and heaters. Follow the link to find more information on these components.

As with all of our systems, we stand behind our products. When we install our complete systems we use your preparations to help get you started as quickly as possible. And when you need assistance we offer unlimited phone and email support for the lifetime of your system. Download the system description below for more information.



  • HyperSwitch Light Source
  • µStep Light Source
  • PMT Sub-System
  • MyoPacer EP Cell Stimulator
  • IonWizard-Core and Analysis
  • SarcLen Sarcomere Length Acquisition Module
  • Fluorescence System Interface
  • MyoPacer Cell Stimulator
  • SoftEdge™ Myocyte Cell Length Acquisition Module
  • MyoCam-S
  • Photon-to-Voltage Converter
  • PMTAcq Fluorescence Photometry Acquisition Module


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