動物腳底熱痛測定儀 Plantar Test (Hargreaves Apparatus)

產品型號: 37570
廠牌名稱: Ugo basile
Plantar test 熱刺激實驗是目前學界最被大家接受的痛覺實驗之一,其特色為使用熱作為疼痛來源,此種方式對於腫脹造成的疼痛有更佳的敏感度 (腫脹有時反而會降低觸覺敏感度,使測試結果更不準確),Ugo Basile的腳底熱痛測定儀包含了您進行大小鼠足部腫脹疼痛研究所需的一切。


  • 腳底熱痛測定儀是用來測量齧齒類動物對紅外熱刺激的反應。
  • 量測原理是利用紅外線光源聚焦於動物腳底,按下開關,等待動物縮回受測爪,儀器自動記錄紅外線強度和持續時間。
  • 實驗資料會顯示在觸控螢幕上,也可存入隨身碟中,或在通過USB傳輸至電腦中。


疼痛甩尾 (Tail Flick) 和冷熱板 (Hot-Cold Plate) 實驗算是急性疼痛耐熱的經典測量方法,且這兩種實驗至今仍然被藥理學研究採用,但是其中有一些限制。兩種方法都沒有在痛覺敏感的行為反應研究中得到運用。Plantar Test (Hargreaves methods) 腳底測試代表了一種先進的實驗方法,它集合了所有疼痛過敏測試的優點。實驗時,受試動物不會受到束縛;另外,實驗資料記錄是儀器自動感應完成的,不會因人員因素影響其準確度。



  • 可自由移動的紅外線熱刺激器,使用者可自行操作瞄準想測試的腳掌
  • 動物腳下為特殊材質的透明玻璃板,方便操作者觀察且不影響紅外光散射
  • 玻璃板上方擁有模組化保定盒,使用者可自由更改其空間以容納不同尺寸的動物
  • 設備操作與即時數據顯示皆透過機上的4.3吋彩色觸控面板進行


In 1988 K. Hargreaves et al. showed paw withdrawal latency in rodents by thermally stimulating the paws through a transparent glass pane.

This method radically enhanced pain behavioral testing possibilities and was made available to the scientific community worldwide by Ugo Basile, which started producing the Plantar Test device for mice and rats.

The amount and duration of thermal energy can be set to the desired level, the thermal emitter is pointed to the freely moving mouse or rat and the time it takes to the paw to withdrawal is automatically recorded.



The Plantar test is performed through a very simple procedure, during which a rodent hindpaw is stimulated with a radiant heat, through a glass pane, using the plantar paw as surface to be irradiated.

The time latency to paw withdrawal, given a certain energy delivered (adjustable in the instrument), is effectively the test end-point.

This NEW VERSION of the classic Ugo Basile Plantar Test proudly introduces a number of NEW FEATURES for even simpler and better experiments:

- Automatic measurement of the paw wihdrawal latency time and energy AND also manual scoring option (for those cases where the animal motory response is unusual or difficult to score)

- Touch screen for complete management of settings, testing, result view and download

 The Plantar Test comes as a full package containing all that is needed to run an experiments with both rats and mice. It consists of and includes as standard:

- A movable I.R. (infrared) generator with embedded paw withdrawal detector

- A glass pane underneath which the IR source is placed

- Modular animal enclosures positioned above the glass pane and that can hold up to 6 rats or 12 mice 

- A touch-screen electronic unit which controls all settings and collects data

 Proprietary to our model is a specific filter, cutting off the visible part of the light spectrum, which would disturb the animal on test and provide an unwanted clue. A feedback circuit detects false starts. Data appear on the front panel and may be exported to a USB pen-drive. 


Command input and readout via 4.3" touch-screen 
I.R. Intensity adjustable in the interval 01-99 (in one digit steps)
Latency Time displayed on the graphic display, in 0.1s steps
Measurement mode Manual or Automatic
Cut off function From 5 to  30 seconds
Start experiment By start icon, push button or TTL input 
Stop experiment By start icon, push button, cut-off, or TTL input
Data Portability via USB flash drive provided
Calibration via appropriate I.R. Radiometer (optional)
Operating Temperature 10° to 40° C
Sound Level <54dB
Designed for Mice and Rats
Dimensions 135 (w) x 40 (d) x 50 (h) cm (required space on the table)
Weight 11.00 Kg 11Kg
Packing dimensions 98x49x47cm
Shipping Weight 14Kg approx.