老鼠面部觸毛刺激測試儀 Orofacial Stimulation Test (Fehrenbacher, Henry, Hargreaves method)

產品型號: 31300
廠牌名稱: Ugo basile
Ugo Basile推出觸毛刺激測試儀,由Hargreaves博士及他的團隊成員發明,用於測量三叉神經區域的熱敏痛和機械刺激痛。大鼠為了食物,主動接受熱刺激和機械刺激。


  • 可同時進行熱痛與刺痛測試
  • 此研究方法為高階腦部功能參考指標
  • 動物不需要進行剃鬚
  • 最多可擴充至16頻道


Ugo Basile推出觸毛刺激測試儀,由Hargreaves博士及他的團隊成員發明,用於測量三叉神經區域的熱敏痛和機械刺激痛。大鼠為了食物,主動接受熱刺激和機械刺激。


The Orofacial Stimulation Test by Ugo Basile is a new method to measures hypersensitivity to thermal or mechanical stimulation of the trigeminal area in rats; animals are trained & tested in standard home cages.

Rats voluntarily contact a thermal or a mechanical stimulator with their vibrissal pad in order to access a food reward. No shaving is required, thus making the test not invasive at all.

This innovative approach permits the parallel measurement of highly integrated nociceptive responses to thermal or mechanical stimulation.

Metrics obtained are the duration of feeding and the number of feeding attempts, measured by interruption of an infrared barrier traversing the opening to the reward. Feeding duration and number of attempts are strongly dependent on changes in the applied thermal or mechanical stimulus.

The ORO-Software included as standard collects and records data from up to 16 cages: Data are shown in real-time both as numeric summary results and in a graphic format. Data are automatically analyzed across time according to an adjustable time window, independently viewable for each of the 16 cages. The results of all the tests are available in a spreadsheet format which can easily be copied to other programs for further analysis.

Adaptors for Mice are available. 


Water Temperature can be adjusted from ambient to 70°C
Mechanical Stimulation 3 mechanical stimulators with different wire number, and 1 blank
Oro Software collects and records beam-break number and duration from up to 16 cages simultaneously
Operating Temperature 10° to 40°C
Sound Level Negligible
Pollution Degree ≤ 2
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31300                   13Kg

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31340                   38Kg

Shipping Weight

31300                   15Kg

31320                   28Kg

31340                   43Kg


Orofacial pain problems are common and involve structures and mechanisms unique to the trigeminal nerve. Few methods are currently available for orofacial preclinical
research, and none incorporates parallel measurement of mechanical or thermal stimulation within the same experiment.

Moreover, while most of the current assays measure unlearned behaviors, such as flinching or withdrawal reflexes, the new Orofacial Stimulation Test, developed by Fehrenbacher, Henry and Hargreaves, integrates higherorder brain functions into measurements of orofacial nociception.

This innovative approach permits highly integrated nociceptive responses to thermal or mechanical stimulation.

Animals are trained & tested in standard home cages. Tests are performed in the presence of thermal or mechanical stimuli contacting the vibrissal pad. Following treatment to induce hypersensitivity, (e.g., trigeminal ligation or injection) trials are repeated to determine the effect of treatment on feeding behavior/reward. Assay sensitivity (inflammation-induced decreases in feeding behavior and reversal of hypersensitivity by local and systemic administration of analgesics) has been proven (Hargreaves et alia, ms in prep.); the feeding behavior is strongly correlated to mechanical or thermal orofacial nociception, as the animal must contact the stimulator in order to access the food reward.