高架O型迷宮 - Elevated Zero-Maze

產品型號: 40163
廠牌名稱: Ugo basile


The Elevated Zero-Maze is sometimes preferred to the Elevated Plus-Maze, because it offers the animal a smoother transition from closed to open arms.

In the Elevated Plus-Maze, this transition implies that the animal actively turns to one of the two open arms, while in the Elevated Zero-Maze the transition occurs more spontaneously, as the animal simply keeps walking on the maze.

All Animal Mazes manufactured by Ugo Basile are designed to give optimal results with any Video-Tracking software. This is achieved by:

  • high-contrast colors: grey, white, black or the NEW Ugo Basile light-blue
  • non-reflective surface: reflections are a common source of error in animal tracking. Let’s avoid them!

All materials were selected to be sturdy and easy to clean, to construct reliable and durable mazes. Surface texture was selected for best rodent comfort (reasonably rough, “warm” surface).

The mouse Zero-Maze, has a diameter of 60cm, 5cmwide circular corridor , and 16cm high walls. In the rat model the diameter is 120cm, the corridor width is 10cm and the walls are 31cm high. Height from the floor is 60cm for either model. The Zero-Maze is supported by 4 metal legs, which make the device very stable. 


Physical 40162 Rat * 40163 Mouse
Diameter 120cm 60cm
Corridor Width 10cm   5cm
Closed Corridor Walls 31cm 16cm
Height (from the floor) 62cm 62cm
Standard color Grey (RAL GR7001)
Available colors Blue, white, black, color on request
Weight 27Kg 8Kg
Shipping Weight 35Kg 12Kg
Packing Dimensions 135x135x30cm 105x105x20cm


Elevated zero maze is a modification of the elevated plus maze model of anxiety in rodents, which incorporates both traditional and novel ethological measures in the analysis of drug effects.

The elevated zero-maze constitutes a modification in both design and procedure which aims to improve upon the traditional model by increasing the sensitivity to, and facilitating interpretation of, drug action.

The novel design comprises an elevated annular platform with two opposite, enclosed quadrants and two open quadrants, addresses one potentially problematic issue inherent in the plus-maze design, i.e., the unavoidable ambiguity associated with time spent on the central square, removing any ambiguity in the interpretation and allowing uninterrupted exploration.

The Zero-Maze design, combined with a detailed behavioral analysis, represents a reliable animal model of anxiety.