多重迷宮系統 - 八臂/ T / Y迷宮 - Multi-Maze System for Mouse/Rat

產品型號: 41500
廠牌名稱: Ugo basile
底板配有滑門 提供舒適且安靜的的測試環境


Ugo Basile introduces a new multi-maze system of original design, a versatile modular device, with which the researcher can assemble the ideal configuration to study spatial learning and spatial memory in rats or mice.

The Multi-Maze components, one of the different arenas provided, and the required number of arms, can be easily combined to set-up an electronically controlled maze, in the following configurations:

  • Y-Maze
  • T-Maze (Start arm is required)
  • 8-Arm Radial Maze

for either Rat or Mouse.

The proprietary sliding doors retract in the maze floor, quickly, but silently, ensuring unobstructed animal tracking, while guaranteeing smooth, silent, totally automated up and down movements, making it the best solution for videotracking, in particular in optogenetics studies.

The new Multi-Maze will help the researcher to conduct fully automated memory experiments such as:

  • Assessing spatial memory
  • Testing basic working memory
  • Discriminating working from reference memory
  • Evaluating impairments in the working memory

All the animal mazes manufactured by Ugo Basile are designed with high-contrast colors and non-reflective coatings, providing optimal results with any video-tracking software. Our mazes are sturdy and easy to clean, making them the most reliable mazes on the market.

Surface texture was selected for best rodent’s comfort. Walls are available with standard or low profile; different colors or textures available on request.

The electronic unit features USB interface, 8 independent TTL inputs and integration with video-tacking software.


Computer compatibility Direct connection to PC
Power Requirement Universal input 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz, 40 W max.
TTL Inputs 8
Door control Manual, TTL, or by PC
Operating Temperature 10° to 40°C
Sound Level Negligible
Pollution Degree ≤ 2
Net weight

41503        19Kg

41504        22Kg

41508        32Kg

41513        Kg

41514        Kg

41518        Kg

Shipping Weight

41503        33Kg

41504        38Kg

41508        55Kg

41503        Kg

41504        Kg

41508        Kg

Packing Dimensions

(full configuration)

No. 3 boxes 60x50x63cm

Total weight        58Kg

No. 3 boxes 60x50x63cm

Total weight        Kg

Arm Dimension          

Length       35cm

Width         5cm

Height       12cm

(from walking floor)

Length       60cm

Width         10cm

Height       30cm

(from walking floor)

Dimension of the      assembled system 41508      96x96x42(h)cm 41508      (h)cm


Spatial memory is the ability to create a mental geographical map of the surroundings and to navigate the environment accordingly (Ref). In humans, for example, spatial memory allows one to easily find the way to the right office in a large building.

While the definitions of working and reference memory may be subtle and can be debated among scholars, briefly, working memory is the ability to keep track of which
offices we have already visited while looking for someone, while reference memory allows us to remember which of the many rooms is Mary’s office.

In rodent studies, spatial memory can be tested by placing animals in mazes composed of 3 or more radially arranged walkways (arms) and observing either spontaneous
exploratory behavior or reward-based navigation.