動物驚嚇反應測試箱 SR-LAB Startle Response System

廠牌名稱: San Diego Instruments
San Diego Instruments SR-LAB 動物驚嚇反應測試箱是目前市面上市佔率最高的驚嚇反應實驗(Startle reflex experiment)系統,您可以使用這套系統進行各類型驚嚇反應實驗,其中包含但不限於下列實驗:驚嚇反射(Startle reflex)、驚嚇適應(Startle habituation)、刺激前抑制(Prepulse inhibition, PPI)以及恐懼誘導驚嚇(Fear potentiated startle, FPS)


  • 市佔率最高的驚嚇反應實驗系統,深受學者們的信賴 
  • 同一套硬體與軟體即可進行不同種類的驚嚇反應實驗
  • 讀值精準,可測得極短時間內動物的驚嚇變化
  • 可擴充至最多16頻道系統
  • 多款保定籠供使用者選擇,涵蓋不同體型尺寸的大小鼠
  • 包含 View Wave™ 實驗數據分析軟體


The SR-LAB 動物驚嚇反應測試箱 是目前世界上最廣泛被使用的商品化驚嚇反應實驗系統,您可以使用這套系統進行各類型驚嚇反應實驗,其中包含但不限於下列實驗:驚嚇反射(Startle reflex)、驚嚇適應(Startle habituation)、刺激前抑制(Prepulse inhibition, PPI)以及恐懼誘導驚嚇(Fear potentiated startle, FPS) 

SR-LAB™ 動物驚嚇反應測試箱重點特色:


基本的 SR-LAB 系統即可完成絕大部分主流的驚嚇反應實驗,例如  Startle Habituation 以及 Pre-Pulse Inhibition,您也可以自行創作屬於您的驚嚇反應實驗步驟。


SR-LAB 軟體可進行所以驚嚇反應實驗的所需設定,從光線刺激、聲音/電擊刺激到實驗步驟設定,皆可自行設定與修改,更改實驗內容您無需選配額外的硬體或是軟體

其他 SR-LAB™ 特色說明

  • 編輯/修改實驗步驟簡單好上手,無需使用特殊程式語言

  • 可以將硬體或實驗程序儲存,開新實驗時直接讀取並稍作修改

  • 實驗進行期間可即時顯示數據

  • 使用 View Wave™ 技術整理並顯示數據,便於瀏覽與輸

  • 數據匯出採Excel或ASCII格式,與第三方統計軟體相容

  • 可自動剔除誤差過大的數據

  • 可避免外界壓力造成的實驗干擾




  • ABS Isolation Cabinet - 15” (W) x 14” (D) x 18” (H)
  • Prime Isolation Cabinet - 16" (W) x 15" (D) x 23" (H)
  • Control Box - 16” (W) x 14” (D) x 5 3⁄4” (H)
  • Small Animal Enclosure - 3 1⁄2” (L) x 1.1” (ID)
  • Small/Medium Animal Enclosure - 5” (L) x 1 1⁄2” (ID)
  • Medium Animal Enclosure - 6” (L) x 2 1⁄4” (ID)
  • Large Animal Enclosure - 8” (L) x 3 1⁄2” (ID)
  • X-Large Animal Enclosure- 10" (L) x 5" (ID)


  • 24 lbs. (ABS Isolation Cabinet), 51 lbs. (Prime Isolation Cabinet), 6 lbs. (Control Box)

Material Composition

  • ABS Isolation Cabinet: ABS plastic, Prime Isolation Cabinet: Laminate
  • Control Box: Aluminum, Animal Enclosure: Acrylic

Maximum # Stations

  • 16 stations per computer

Standard Cable Lengths

  • 8 ft.

Stimuli Options

  • Tones, noise bursts, background noise, lights, air puffs, foot shocks and user-defined stimuli

Color Options

  • White


Use the Startle Paradigm You Need without Constraint

If the paradigms you need are not included with SR-LAB’s basic kit, add-on kits are available, requiring no additional software or constraints. Add-on kits offered include:

Pure Tone Kit

The Pure Tone Kit supplies up to three specific frequencies of sound and is generally used as a pre-pulse stimulus. This kit is also used for gap detection startle reflex testing. You control the frequency, amplitude and duration via the SR-LAB software.

PPI LED Light Kit

An add-on light to the animal enclosure is used as a Pre-Pulse stimulus to provide cross-modal startle reflex testing. On and off times are controlled from the SR-LAB software.

Tactile Kit

The Tactile Kit provides an air puff stimulus, which is generally used as a kinder, gentler alternative to shock.

Relay Chassis

The Relay Chassis gives you maximum flexibility in your startle testing.
It contains four relays to control the On/Off of external devices (which are not supplied by San Diego Instruments). The SR-LAB Software controls the Relay Chassis.

High Intensity Light Kit

The kit supplies an immense amount of bright light within the test station, which brings on anxiety in the animal. The LED lights give off no heat, which can affect the animal. This kit is used for anxiety potentiated startle testing.

Easy Calibration Sets a Standard Baseline Response

The baseline response of each of your test stations will be set to the same level prior to testing using the Standardization Unit, which attaches to the top of the animal enclosure and places a repeating fixed force on the sensor. Adjust the response level to the guideline numbers in the user’s manual by turning the Response Adjust dial on the side of the test station. After setting one test station, all you need to do is move the Standardization Unit to the next station and repeat. This assures that results data from multiple tests stations can be compared and your resulting analysis is reliable.