Extracellular Recording System 細胞外記錄系統

Intracellular Recordings 細胞內記錄系統

Oocyte Clamp Workstation System 雙電極電壓鉗系統

Epithelial Voltage Clamp System 上皮細胞電壓鉗系統

Patch Clamp Recording System 膜片鉗系統

Stoelting The New Standard Stereotaxic NEW 新標準立體定位儀

ultra-precise stereotaxic instruments for rats and mice 超精密定位儀

Stoelting Digital Lab Standard™ Stereotaxic 數位實驗室標準立體定位儀

Stoelting Motorized Lab Standard Stereotaxic 電動實驗室標準立體定位儀

Stoelting Option 立體定位儀配件選配

KOPF Model 900 Small Animal Stereotaxic Instrument 900型小動物立體定位儀

KOPF Option 立體定位儀配件選配

SUTTER Micropipettes Fabrication 玻璃電極拉針儀

SUTTER Micromanipulation 微操作儀

SUTTER Imaging 光源設備

SUTTER Microscopes 電生理顯微鏡設備

SUTTER Microinjection 顯微注射設備

Bruker Body Composition Analyzer 體組成分析儀

灌流系統 14900 - Superfusion System

ThorLabs Burleigh® PCS-6000

ThorLabs Burleigh® PCS-5000

ThorLabs Burleigh® Gibraltar®

ThorLabs Micromanipulator Accessories 微操作機械手臂配件

ThorLabs Burleigh® PCS-500 Mounts

Narishige EMM-3NV Three-axis Motorized Micromanipulator 三軸電動微操作機器手臂

Narishige MWS-31 Micromanipulator (One-axis Water Hydraulic, Bar-mount) 微操作機械手臂

Narishige MWS-32-Micromanipulator (One-axis Water Hydraulic, Magnet-mount) 微操作機械手臂

Narishige MWS-1B-Micromanipulator (One-axis Water Hydraulic System) 微操作機械手臂

TBSI Wireless Recording 無線記錄系統

TBSI Cables

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